One point separated Telugu Yoddhas and Odisha Juggernauts in tonight’s Box Office fixture, as the former secured a 29-28 victory at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Cuttack, Odisha on Saturday.

With the victory, the Yoddhas would go equal on points with the Juggernauts (9 points), but the latter would occupy the third spot with a higher score difference (5).

There was no relenting from either side in Turn 1. While the Telugu Yoddhas scored 10 points, the Odisha Juggernauts threw a spanner in the works with three Dream Runs to take the score to 10-3 at the end of the Turn.

The Juggernauts would make a comeback in Turn 2, securing a one-point lead at half-time (15-14). However, the storyline of Turn 2 would only be complete by mentioning the four Dream Runs from the Telugu Yoddhas that changed the match's storyline.

Led by skipper Pratik Waikar, the Telugu Yoddhas would assert their dominance in Turn 3 by taking the advantage in the scoreline to 28-16 in their favour. This included a Dream Run from Odisha Juggernauts’ Batch 3. 

Turn 4 would see a bittersweet finish. While the Juggernauts would pocket 12 points to reduce the deficit, a Dream Run from all-rounder Arun Gunki would inspire the Yoddhas to a one-point lead with the score at 29-28. Despite some late attempts in the dying seconds, Telugu Yoddhas would exact revenge for their loss in the Ultimate Kho Kho Season 1 final and walk away with the bragging rights.

Telugu Yoddhas will be up against Rajasthan Warriors in their upcoming contest in UKK Season 2 on January 1, while defending champions Odisha Juggernauts target a winning start to the calendar year 2024 with a victory over Chennai Quick Guns on January 2.

Match Awards

Attacker of the Match: Pratik Waikar

Defender of the Match: Aditya Ganpule

Ultimate Kho of the Match: Dipesh More