The famous adage 'The best defense is a good offense' is something we have seen in full authority in Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2. Be it close encounters or one-sided affairs, the defenders were a vital asset for teams to pull off a victory in UKK Season 2 with their Dream Runs and massive active time on the mat.

So here we are, listing out those top three defenders who owned every inch and corner of the mat with their prowess and ultimately earned a spot in the Hall of Fame of Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2 for their defensive attributes.

Ramji Kashyap - 33:03 minutes

The record-breaker, the icon, the legend. Ramji Kashyap had all the opposition attackers dancing at his fingertips and at the tune of his movements on the mat. The Chennai Quick Guns star registered an active time of 33:03 on the mat while scripting 20 Dream Runs. Based on these numbers, it is evident that his legacy in UKK will keep growing strong with each passing season.

Aditya Ganpule - 23:15 minutes

One of the flagbearers of Telugu Yoddhas' run-up to the Playoffs, Aditya Ganpule was a sheer delight to watch on the mat. Whether it was his multiple-point Dream Runs or just the tenacity and tactical acumen to keep himself safe from the opponents, Aditya was a menace, and he proved it with an active time of 23:15 minutes.

Vijay Shinde - 21:30 minutes

One of the season's dark horses, Vijay Shinde, held the fort for Chennai Quick Guns whenever he was called upon to lead the defending. Vijay registered an active time of 21:30 minutes, and while he didn't win the trophy, he left a lasting impression in the UKK Season 2 final by winning the Defender of the Match award.