Gujarat Giants defied the odds against them to outwit Chennai Quick Guns with a 31-26 victory and become the champions of Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2.

Chennai Quick Guns won the toss and chose to defend. The decision would haunt them initially as they lost their prized batch of Madan, Ramji Kashyap and Vijay Shinde nine seconds short of three minutes on the clock. While Sumon Barman managed a Dream Run, the Quick Guns would end Turn 1 trailing with a score of 1-14 in the Giants’ favour.

The Gujarat Giants would take things up a notch in Turn 2. Taking the mat to defend, their first batch of Suyash Gargate, Shubham Thorat and Deepak Madhav would stitch a five-point Dream Run. While Thorat was dismissed early, Gargate (active time of 2:12 minutes) and Madhav (active time of 1:20 minutes) kept testing the patience levels of the Quick Guns. While the Quick Guns managed six dismissals, the Giants carried a 19-7 advantage into the second innings.

The Chennai Quick Guns were targeting a turnaround in Turn 3. However, the situation would only worsen for them, with Sanket Kadam taking the credit for three out of the 10 dismissals. Three Dream Runs from the Quick Guns, including two from Ramji Kashyap, would take their tally to 10 points, but on the whole, they were staring at a 19-point deficit.

Turn 4 was the most nerve-wracking period of the game, as the Chennai Quick Guns tried to enforce a late comeback - something they have often done in Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2. With almost three and a half minutes left in the contest, the Quick Guns came within seven points of Gujarat Giants’ score of 29 points. Only three points separated the teams with 1:47 minutes left until the final whistle; however, a double Dream Run in the dying seconds from Sanket Kadam took the score to 31:26 and sealed a memorable victory.