Chennai Quick Guns have set up a potential top-of-the-table showdown on the final league matchday of Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2 tomorrow, courtesy of a 42-19 humbling of Rajasthan Warriors at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Cuttack on Monday.

The match featured one of the most memorable defensive performances in Ultimate Kho Kho history, with a Chennai Quick Guns batch managing to last six minutes and 58 seconds on the mat — the longest ever — and score eight dream run points.

Chennai Quick Guns started the match with an excellent attacking turn. They dismissed the first Rajasthan Warriors batch in just 2.28 seconds, with Sachin Bhargo dismissing two defenders with one Sky Dive - the MOVE of the season. While Rajasthan Warriors’ second batch managed a Dream Run, it eventually went in Chennai Quick Guns' favour as they finished the turn on top with a dominant lead of 16-1.

Turn 2 was an absolute carnage, as it was a defensive show that rewrote the record books of Ultimate Kho Kho. The Quick Guns' first batch of Ramji Kashyap, Madan and Vijay Shinde kept running and running with a bout of energy that almost seemed to never run out of juice. The Dream Runs continued to a point where the final member of the batch — Madan — completed a record eight-point Dream Run and he was dismissed just two seconds shy from spending an entire Turn not out. Madan, in particular, was outstanding as he kept eluding the Rajasthan Warriors attackers. At half-time, the score read 24-7 in favour of Chennai Quick Guns.

The Chennai Quick Guns attackers made short work of three defending batches in Turn 3, leaving Rajasthan Warriors with the mathematically impossible task of making up a 33-point gap in the final turn.

However, in Turn 4, the Rajasthan Warriors managed to dismiss a couple of players from the Chennai Quick Guns, but their underwhelming season would draw close with a 23-point loss.

Match Awards

Attacker of the Match: Sachin Bhargo (Chennai Quick Guns)

Defender of the Match: Madan (Chennai Quick Guns)

Ultimate Kho of the Match: Ramji Kashyap (Chennai Quick Guns)