Suppose there was a textbook way to find a way to win a match to earn a Playoffs qualification. In that case, one should keep it aside and look at Chennai Quick Guns' 41-18 victory over Mumbai Khiladis in their Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2 encounter at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Cuttack on Saturday.

The win proved to be a double whammy as the Quick Guns not only went atop the UKK Season 2 points table but also joined Telugu Yoddhas, Gujarat Giants and Odisha Juggernauts in the knockouts. Mumbai Khiladis, on the flip side, saw their faint qualification hopes being shut away.

Mumbai Khiladis won the toss and chose to defend. However, that decision proved a nightmare as their defenders struggled to match up to the speed of the Chennai Quick Guns' attackers. Without a single Dream Run on the scoreboard, the Khiladis ended Turn 1 with a 0-16 deficit.

In Turn 2, it was just another Quick Guns special. As often done with their defensive strategies this season, the Chennai Quick Guns consolidated their position in the contest with their first batch of Ramji Kashyap, Madan and Vijay Shinde recording an active time of five minutes and 34 seconds on the mat. This gave the Playoffs-chasing Quick Guns a massive six Dream Run points on the scoreboard. The last stretch of the Turn had two members of their second batch remaining not out as the Quick Guns carried an unassailable 22-8 lead into the second innings.

The Chennai Quick Guns upped the ante in Turn 3, as they built on their attacks to maintain an absolute grip on the momentum set in the contest. They dispatched Mumbai Khiladis' first batch in two minutes and 20 seconds and their second batch in under two minutes, with their influential captain Aniket Pote being a witness to the hammering whilst nursing an injury sustained in the previous and being substituted in the game. That left Mumbai Khiladis with the mathematically impossible task of scoring 30 points in the final Turn.

Three different players — Suraj Lande, Sachin Bhargo and Akash Kadam — scored six points, showing the potency of the Chennai Quick Guns attack and ensuring that the window of a comeback was shut for the Mumbai Khiladis, who were handed one of the biggest defeats in Ultimate Kho Kho history.

Match Awards

Best Attacker of the Match: Sachin Bhargo (Chennai Quick Guns)

Best Defender of the Match: Vijay Shinde (Chennai Quick Guns)

Ultimate Kho of the Match: Hrushikesh Murchavade (Mumbai Khiladis)