The Gujarat Giants, the first team to qualify for the Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2 final, have had an interesting journey along the way: unparalleled results, engaging performances, giving every team player a chance to play, and, on top of all, having an optimistic and livewire coach in Sanjeev Sharma.

We trace the Gujarat Giants’ Road to the Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2 Final.

December 25, 2023 - A win on Christmas: Gujarat Giants gave first glimpse of what they bring to the table in UKK Season 2, courtesy of a commanding 41-30 victory over the Rajasthan Warriors. Shubham Thorat (Defender of the Match) and Suyash Gargate (Ultimate Kho of the Match) were the heroes in this fixture for the Giants.

December 26, 2023 - Western Derby CONQUERED: Domination in all four Turns saw the Gujarat Giants ace their matchup against the Mumbai Khiladis and register a 34-30 win. Abhinandan Patil (Attacker of the Match) and Suyash Gargate (Defender of the Match) engineered the onslaught on the mat on Boxing Day.

December 29, 2023 - All-star performance = Top of the table: In a game of Turns and overturns, the Gujarat Giants had the last laugh as they administered a 17-point unassailable lead and a 41-24 victory at the final whistle over the Telugu Yoddhas.

December 30, 2023 - WWWWin: The ‘Dream Run’ continues. Gujarat Giants made it four wins in four games as they outclassed hosts Odisha Juggernauts with a 34-29 victory. This win was built on by eloquent Deepak Madhav and P Narasayya displays.

January 1, 2024 - The stumbling block: A forgettable start to the new year 2024. The extraordinary acts of Ramji Kashyap (10 Total Points, 7 Dream Runs) and Durvesh Salunkhe (4 Total Points, 2 Powerplay Points) inspired the Chennai Quick Guns to a 35-29 win over the Gujarat Giants.

January 2, 2024 - The first (and only) draw arrives: Faizankha Pathan (2 Dream Runs) and substitute Ram Mohan (1 Dream Run) would turn Superheroes for the Gujarat Giants, as their late dream runs catapulted the Giants to salvage and escape from the jaws of defeat with a 26-26 draw against Mumbai Khiladis.

January 5, 2024 - The biggest win of the season: The biggest margin of victory (24 points) and the second team to qualify for the Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2 Playoffs; not a bad comeback for the Giants. Ram Mohan and Sanket Kadam were at the forefront of the 46-22 triumph over the Rajasthan Warriors. 

January 6, 2024 - Narrow humbling: It was a case of ‘so close yet so far’ for the Gujarat Giants, as they conceded an early advantage in Turn 1 in subsequent Turns to accept a late 30-27 defeat at the hands of Odisha Juggernauts.   

January 8, 2024 - A double over the Yoddhas: A sheer dominant performance from the Giants throughout the match saw them complete a double over the Telugu Yoddhas in Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2. The top players? Arnav Patankar (Attacker of the Match) and Katla Ram Mohan (Ultimate Kho of the Match).

January 9, 2024 - A defeat to close the league phase: Gujarat Giants took on the Chennai Quick Guns in the season’s final ‘top of the table’ clash. However, a complete performance from the Quick Guns in attack and defence compelled the Giants to end their league commitments with a 21-38 loss.

January 11, 2024 - Gujarat, finalists of UKK Season 2: Is there any better to enter the finals of a competition than defeating the defending champions? Indeed, the chances are none. Gujarat Giants proved to be the better side on the mat from the very start and, with a narrow 29-27 victory, brought the Odisha Juggernauts’ title defence to a close.