The Gujarat Giants were at their very best on Friday as they registered a mammoth 46-22 win over the Rajasthan Warriors, in what will go into the history books as the biggest victory by a margin (24) ever recorded in Ultimate Kho Kho history. With this win at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Cuttack, the Giants became the second team after Telugu Yoddhas to book their place in the Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2 Playoffs. 

While they find themselves sitting comfortably in the second spot with 17 points and three games in hand, Rajasthan’s miserable form continues as they still find themselves at the bottom with zero wins to their name. Here we take a look at how Match 22 of the Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2 ensued. 

Gujarat won the toss and wanted to defend first. The Warriors started with a Powerplay, but the Giants Batch 1 showcased their defensive grit and got a Dream Run, missing out on another additional point by just 1 second. Batch 2 was not far behind, and displayed enough agility and stamina to win the Giants, two impressive Dream Run points. When the Turn ended, the scoreline read 3-10, as the Warriors were able to Kho just 5 defenders out. 

Gujarat attackers continued the momentum in Turn 2. They were able to tap out all Rajasthan’s Batch 1 defenders within the first two minutes, before taking the Powerplay during Batch 2. They were out in 2:13 minutes. The Giants' onslaught continued as the Warriors’ Batch 3 struggled to stay on the mat for more than 2 minutes. They overpowered Batch 4 in just 1:01 minutes to secure an outstanding All Out. When the whistle blew for the end of the Turn, the scoreboard read 27-10. 

In Turn 3, the Warriors’ misery continued as Gujarat’s Batch 1 proved to be too agile for them yet again and went on to score a 2-point Dream Run. Not only that, Batch 2 also managed to outrun Rajasthan and registered another Dream Run, as well as ensuring they saw out the clock till the very end. When the Turn ended, Rajasthan were already trailing by 10 points, with a comeback looking next to impossible. 

The Rajasthan defenders wanted to show that they had some spark left, and through Vrushab Wagh’s heroics were able to score a 2-point Dream Run in the first Batch itself. A Powerplay taken in Batch 2 resulted in Rajasthan getting tapped out in around 2 minutes. Though, Batch 3 managed to stay on the mat till the end of the Turn, when the match ended, Giants had created history with a 46-22 scoreline. 

Gujarat will meet defending Champions Odisha Juggernauts on January 6 in their next encounter, whereas, Rajasthan will face Mumbai Khiladis in their next fixture on January 7. 

Match Awards

Attacker of the Match: Prajwal K H (Rajasthan Warriors)
Defender of the Match: Ram Mohan (Gujarat Giants)
Ultimate Kho of the Match: Sanket Kadam (Gujarat Giants)