The Attackers are a crucial part of any Kho Kho side. An Attacker is the one who pursues the player(s) of the opponent team, the Defenders, with a tap or touch to send them back to the dugout. The Attacker scores points from a Sky Dive, Pole Dive and Running Touch. For a Sky Dive or a Pole Dive, he gets rewarded with three points. For a Running Touch, he adds two points to his team’s credit.

Here is a look at the Attackers who scored the most points in the attack in the Ultimate Kho Kho Season 1.

Ramji Kashyap - 108 points

Ramji was a force to reckon with on the mat in the inaugural edition. He was never a first choice for the teams when he was put in the player’s draft but he proved his critics wrong with his agility. He was someone who looked to carry his team on his shoulders all alone. He was the first player to go past the 100 points mark in Ultimate Kho Kho history. He was not just the leading points scorer for Chennai Quick Guns but he was also the best Attacker of the Tournament with 108 points in 10 matches. 

Majahar Jamadar - 105 points

Majahar wouldn’t have stolen the limelight through his captaincy as his team finished at the bottom, but he was mighty impressive as an Attacker. It was observed that you can’t keep Majahar Jamadar out of the game when he steps onto the play field. He led his team by example and was always looking to give his best. He was initially picked as an away captain for his side but later on, got the additional duties as a full-time captain. His team failed to impress but he was someone who was setting a standard of his own. He finished the tournament as the second-best Attacker with 105 points in 10 games.

Arun Gunki - 96 points

He is referred to as the Pole Dive specialist in Ultimate Kho Kho. He knew what is expected of him when he was given a Kho. He was also quick with his Khos. It was almost impossible for the Defender to get away with it when he was around in the attack. He was a dark horse for Telugu Yoddhas in the attack. He was always quick on his feet and was clear about his target. He played 12 matches in UKK and amassed 96 points in the attack.

Abhinandan Patil - 89 points

Abhinandan is an Attacker who is swift and used to changing his gears almost in the blink of an eye. He never looked timid on the mat and was full of energy. He was always consistent with his performances and helped his team to make it to the Playoffs. He was the best chaser in the Gujarat Giants squad. He mustered 89 points in the attack out of which 66 points were scored in the form of touch points which shows his athleticism.  

Rohan Shingade & Hrushikesh Murchavade - 83 points

The two Attackers jointly sit at the fifth spot in the top five Attackers list with 83 points against their names. Talking about Rohan Shingade first, he was dealing in Dives for Telugu Yoddhas as he produced 25 Dives in the 12 matches he played in the maiden UKK Season. Most of the points he scored came in the form of Sky Dives. 

Moving onto Hrushikesh Murchavade, the All-Rounder played the second fiddle to Majahar Jamadar in the Rajasthan Warriors setup. He also showed his acrobatics skills and secured 39 points just with the help of his lethal weapon, Sky Dives.